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4 Channels Video Multiplexers

AIFON series digital fiber optic video transceivers can simultaneously transmit 1-128 channels of 8-bit digitally encoded video/return or bidirectional data/unidirectional or bidirectional audio / Ethernet / Telephone / binary input/output over one multimode or single-mode optical fiber. These multiplexers are typically used in applications where the cameras have P/T/Z capabilities.

More details

Features *8-bit or 10-bit digitally encoded and non-compression video transmission   *Directly compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM CCTV camera systems and support RS-232,   RS-422, and RS-485 data protocols   *Power supply and other parameter state indication, which can monitor the operation condition of system   *Support no-damage regenerative trunk of video   *Constant input optical power, and large dynamic range , no electrical or optical adjustments required . *Special ASIC design . *Industry-grade of operating temperature from -10℃to 75℃ , which is applied to the different working environment *Hot-swap function   *Stand-alone type or card-type installed in 19’’ 2U or 4U rack-mount chassis. *Optical interface: FC,ST, SC (optional) *Abundant signal interface, such as video, data, audio, telephone, Ethernet,
  binary input/output and talkback *Max range 80km   Opitcal

Wavelength 1310nm&1470nm~1610nm
Output Power  -10~-3dBm  /  -3~+2dBm
Optic fiber 50/125u multimode,62.5/125u multimode,9/125u single mode
Rx sensitivity -28dBm
Optical connector FC、ST (optional)
Distance 0~2KM (MM)  /  0~80KM  (SM)


Number of Channels 4
Input/output impedance  BNC 75Ω (unbalance)
Video bandwidth 5HZ~8MHZ                    
Standard video input/output voltage 1.0Vp-p
Video voltage range  0.6~2.0Vp-p
Differential Gain   < ±1.5%
Differential Phase   < ±1%
SNR  >60dB (8 bit) / >70dB (10 bit)
Connector  BNC


Input/output Impedance  600ohm(unbalance)
Max input/output voltage 3.0Vp-p
Frequency Response 10 Hz~20kHz @±3dB
SNR > 70dB
Connector   Standard terminal lead


Data protocol RS232、RS422、RS485、Manchester,BIPHASE data
Data rate 0~200 Kbps
Error rate < 10-9
Connector  Standard terminal lead


Work mode  Full duplex/half duplex
Data Rate  10/100Mbps(AUTO)
connection terminal   RJ45


Connector  Standard RJ11
Phonetic bandwidth 8KHz
Work mode Point to point hot line, program controlling switch/extension mode
Distortion <1%

Binary input/Output:

Connector  Standard terminal lead
Signal input alarm, Binary input, support TTL、RS-232/422/485 or passive switch button
Signal output  Arbitrary alarm, Binary output, support TTL、RS-232/422/485 or relay output

  Operating Voltage: DC 5V  (we will offer external power supply  from AC100-240V to DC 5V for each unit ) Operating Temperature : -10℃~ +75℃ Storing Temperature : -40℃~ +85℃ Humidity : 0~95% Non-condensing MTBF : ≥ 100000Hours Warranty : 3 years