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The media converter transform the transmission media of Ethernet signal from CAT5 to optical fiber. it can extend the transmission distance to several kilometer or hundred kilometer.
Using media converter is a economical solution to achieve long distance transmission base on current status.

More details


1.Built in a 2-port switch:
--Pass all packets without address and CRC check (optional);
--Supports modified cut-through frame forwarding for low latency;
--Supports pure converter mode data forwarding for extreme low latency;
--Supports flow control for full and halt duplex operation;
--Bandwidth control;
--Forward 1600 bytes packet for management;
--Optional forward fragments.

2. Supports 100Base-FX standard;
3.Built in 128Kb RAM for data buffer;
4.Supports auto MDI-MDIX function;
5. Supports link fault pass through function (LFP);
6. Supports for end fault function (optional);
7. LED display for link/activity, full/half, 10/100M
8. Support EEPROM configuration (optional);
9. the longest transmission distance reach 120 kilometers;




Order Information


Type NO. Description Power supply Connector port
10/100M Duplex                                                                   
AT-HM01-2 10/100M   UTP MM(2km) External SC/ST/FC
AT-HS01-25 10/100M   UTP SM(25km) External SC/ST/FC
AT-HS01-40 10/100M   UTP SM(40km) External SC/ST/FC
AT-HS01-60 10/100M   UTP SM(60km) External SC/ST/FC
AT-HS01-80 10/100M   UTP SM(80km) External SC/ST/FC
AT-HS01-100 10/100M   UTP SM(100km) External SC/ST/FC
10/100M   Bidi converter Simplex
AT-HS01-BIDI-20 10/100M BIDI(20KM)Simplex External SC/ST/FC
AT-HS01-BIDI-40 10/100M BIDI(40KM)Simplex External SC/ST/FC
AT-HS01-BIDI-60 10/100M BIDI(60KM,DFB LASER)Simplex External SC/ST/FC
AT-HS01-BIDI-80 10/100M BIDI(80KM,DFB LASER)Simplex External SC/ST/FC